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Chronological History of Marae Development

November 1974

Cambridge Borough Council received a request from the Marae Trustees to exchange the Cook Street site for the Bracken Street site - Allotment 90B

December 1974

Council agrees to Marae Committee request to relocate to Allotment 90B

July 1977

Lease agreement signed for Allotment 90B, effective from 1 May 1977

November 1980

Council receives letter from Department of Lands and Survey advising that the Minister for Lands has granted approval in principle to granting a lease on Allotment 90B in terms of Section 54 (1) (b) of the Reserves Act 1977

October 1985

Council agrees in principle with concept of a Multi-cultural Marae and to re-designate Allotment 90B as Maori Reserve Land subject to report of Department of Lands and Survey and legal implications.

January 1986

Council received a report that analysis a number of sites. The corner site, Allotment 90A, is the preferred option.

April 1986

Council initiates steps to change the Council lease from 90B (central site) to 90A (corner site) and to make the site a Maori Reserve.

May 1986

Council advertises Revocation notice for allotment (corner site)

July 1986

Council resolved that at the time of the District Scheme Review, to make the Marae Development a conditional use on the site.

August 1986

Council hears objections to Revocation and supports Revocation of the Reserve. Seeks guidance from Department of Lands and Survey to implement that decision.

September 1986 

Reply from Department of Lands and Survey that the next step is to approach the Minister of Lands to revoke the reservation

October 1986

Council requests Department of Lands and Survey to proceed with revocation process. Letter sent to Trustees advising, of Council's decision and to include the Marae within the Review of the District Scheme.

January 1988

Funding detail of Kohanga Reo given to Council.

February 1988

Meeting held with Council, Department of Conservation, Department of Lands and Survey, Kohanga Reo and the Trust to discuss what steps need to be taken to proceed with the proposal.

March 1988

Council sent letter to all parties outlining required steps:

a: Transfer of Council lease from 90B to 90A (now complete)

b: Survey of Allotment 90A (now complete)

c: Presentation by Trust of a development plan and funding programme to initiate the Scheme Change and satisfy Department of Lands and Survey for  revocation purposes.

March 1988

Council receives advice from Department of Conservation that revocation can be re-advertised in conjunction with the Scheme Change.

June 1988

Council receives advice from Trustees of the above 3 steps. Letter of Trustees referred to Government Departments for comment.

July 1988

Council receives letter from Department of Conservation that re-advertising of revocation required as "too much time has elapsed to consider that exercise (previous advertising) as still holding good today"

Council initiates Scheme Change no 22 to create a "Multi Cultural Marae Zone". Council informs the Department of Conservation that it is satisfied with the funding program and that subject to a satisfactory outcome of the Scheme Change, urges the Department to proceed with revocation.

August 1988

Scheme Change No 22 and revocation advertised.

September 1988 

Cross objections advertised

November 1988 

Scheme Change and reserves objection heard then hearing adjourned.

Hearing reconvened and Council withdraws the Scheme Change No 22. Council withdraws any further action on the revocation in the meantime.

December 1988

Council initiates a new Scheme Change No 24 and also the revocation process.

January 1989

Documents advertised.

March 1989

Cross objections advertised.

May 1989

Hearing of objections, cross objections and submissions.

June 1989

Decision of Council - now the subject of appeal. NOTE: The appeal only relates to the Scheme Change not the revocation of the reserve.

May 1990

Withdrawal of objections.

June 1990

Obtained Deed of Lease for Land

September 1990

Building begins on Stage 1 - Kohanga Reo

January 1991

Kohanga Reo - Official Opening - Open Day